EXPO : reusable you say ?

You've heard it before, we've said it before, but why believe our words when you can see it with your own eyes, right? That's exactly what we thought! 
What are we talking about? The reusability of the expo boxes by moonfox off course! Once used you can fold, stock and reuse them at your next exhibition. It gives you the opportunity to create a different exhibition stand time in time again.

Off course, that's easy for us to say, so let us prove it! How? We've got a case study for you: F&B Consult. Their first exhibition was Megavino in Brussels expo. Here they created a very impressive stand resembling a wine box (read more about it here). It was a real crowdpleaser, it drew a lot of attention, what more can you ask for? We loved it! Last week they were present at horecaexpo in Ghent. Here they had a completely different stand, and this is where these expo boxes come in handy. As you build and create your exhibition stand as you go along, they offer you the flexibility you need. F&B Consult got to work and created a beautiful stand. Again!  
I know, i know, all this talk. I promised you visual proof, so without further ado: look below and discover the flexibility of moonfoxexpo. (just so you know: yes, it's allowed to be impressed!)

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The moonfox team

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